Smart information exchange for the smartest airport.

Cargonaut facilitates the information exchange for it’s customers to give them control and achieve quick and correct shipments through the whole proces of import and export. By doing this, we lighten the load of work on the logistic chain throughout it’s airport processes. To do this, we collect and supply all relevant, correct and trusted data through our Information Exchange Platform. Here, we combine all the data that we collect at Schiphol Airport and the rest of the world to assist Schiphol at being smart.

To improve our local services, we create international connections, data corridors and bridges with global hubs and players to improve the community and air cargo network of Schiphol. We enrich our data and share knowledges to improve and optimise processes based on international structures. Together with the community, we work on creating a smarter and better tomorrow.

Our misson:

With our experience, knowledge, products and services we connect logistic companies, governments and datahubs globally concerning air cargo. Together, we create a sustainable and optimised flow with an internationally connected hub to create green fast lanes, for a smarter and better cargo airport. The result: a succesfull community, both local and international.